What are the worst parts of you?

I'm lucky to interview a lot of people as part of what I do. Great to hear the stories.

One question that I ask of people going into a senior role is:

“We have spent a lot of time understanding the good parts of you. We all have demons. What are the parts of you that you don’t like? What are the worst parts of you?”

A few answers over years: “My addiction to alcohol” “I don’t spend enough time with my kids” “My arrest for barbiturates”

The people that gave these answers are some of the best people I know. They aren’t perfect. They are just like the rest of us. They have the ability to be honest...especially with themselves. Do you?

If you are on a team that doesn’t like the real you then you are on the wrong team, or in the wrong relationship. Find a place where people like you for the best parts of you and help with the worst parts of you. A place where authenticity wins and people are rewarded for humility, honesty, and caring.

These places have humans that are more interested in finding the right way, not just having their way.

There is no requirement that we are perfect teammates. But, as a good teammate you are required to: