Playing Favorites

They say leaders shouldn’t play favorites. Sometimes I find myself playing favorites.

My favorite people:

These are choices. Just choices. Choices each of us make every second.

Those kind of people step into every day hoping they can leave the people they meet a bit better than they found them. It’s likely they don’t do it every day. I know I don’t. There are a lot of times I leave people worse than I found them. I need to get better. I try. Maybe breathe more. Maybe listen more. Maybe be more grateful. Maybe see the good more. Maybe love more. Maybe work less. Maybe run more. Maybe a lot of things. But I thought I’d start with being honest. I play favorites. But at least you know what my favorite kind of people are.

Hey favorite people. Thanks for being you. The world needs more of you.

PS – I might be wrong. That happens all the time. Maybe now too. But I’ll proceed unless convinced otherwise. Thanks.

PPS – Sometimes people fool me. Hopefully, I figure it out...I usually do....eventually.

“You can do more good by being good than any other way.” – John Wooden