Chose To Be

Sometimes life is as simple as making a choice to Be. Not get. Not work on. Not hope for. Not find time for. Simply choosing to be.

Be _________. Accepting Adaptable Adventurous Agreeable Authentic Balanced Better Bigger Bold Brave Building Calm Carefree Caring Challenging Changing Comfortable Committed Compassionate Confident Considerate Courageous Crazy Creating Curious Dangerous Decisive Determined Different Diligent Doing Eager Early Easygoing Empathetic Encouraging Ethical Excited Exploring Fair Faithful Fast Fearless Fierce Fighting Finished First Flexible Focused Frank Free Friend Fun Generous Gentle Good Grateful Great Grinding Habitual Happy Hard Healthy Helping Honest Honorable Humble Independent Inquisitive Inspiring Intense Intentional Interested Jolly Joyful Justice Kind Last Leading Learning Led Likable Listening Loyal Making Mellow Mighty Modest Moving Motivated Neat Nice Old Open Optimistic Organized Patient Persistent Polite Positive Practical Prepared Present Productive Proud Questioning Rare Real Reasonable Receptive Relentless Reliable Respectful Right Risking Sacrificing Satisfied Seeking Selective Serious Silent Silly Simple Sincere Slow Starting Steady Stronger Struggling Successful Sympathetic Thankful Thoughtful Together Tolerant Tough Trying Unassuming Uncertain Uncomfortable Unconventional Understanding Unique Unwavering Vibrant Warm Whoever Willing Working Wrong Young Zealous

And be you. Just the best you. You are in control of that. No one else.