Believe. It's Better Together.

Believe. Anyone that has gone through the Q Course (Special Forces Qualification Course) has heard these words: Just don't quit. It was often said in jest but there is a great deal of truth to it. There are so many times when you are cold, wet, tired (emotionally and physically), hungry, injured (emotionally and physically), and filled with self-doubt.

Pretty much like life.

BELIEVE: That you can do more than they think. And certainly more than others think. Fight through the pain and fear. Ignore the voices in your head that say you can't and that you should quit. Say F&%*K you mind, let's go body.

BETTER TOGETHER: You aren't alone. The suck is just as bad for everyone else. Acknowledge the suck. Laugh about it. But don't let it win. Sometimes it takes the help of others to push through it. Sometimes someone has to remind you why you are doing this. Sometimes someone has to carry your ruck but it's because they know you will carry theirs one day. It's how you embrace that pain and react that matters.

But you have to work. It's hard. But if you are with people you love doing what you love who cares. For me, it has always been about being a part of teams that have a laser focus on accomplishing the mission. If you don't believe, leave.

Today that mission is creating a place where people can come to work, be challenged, be loved, grow, and find more freedom for themselves and their families. That is what we are doing today. If it were only as: “It’s Easy. Just don’t quit.”